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Auburn Environmental Park

The Auburn Environmental Park is a great place to spend a day if you’re looking for something different! The park has been divided into open space regions and restricted use zones. In the south of the park, there is an unusual usage area with a birding tower and elevated boardwalk through a huge wetland section near some picnic tables. North of West Main Street, there is an information kiosk as well as more picnic tables and parking available off Western Ave. NW. The environmental park is open from sunrise to sunset so plan your trip accordingly! 

The Boardwalk Trail is in the Auburn Environmental Park (AEP) near downtown Auburn. The 1/4-mile boardwalk trail passes through portions of the lovely 250-acre wetland park, with views of marshy fields and Auburn wildlife, starting at the Bird and Wildlife Viewer tower on Western Avenue NW and winding through the marshes before ending on West Main Street. At the Environmental Park, you can find an array of intriguing animals like dragonflies, hummingbirds, salamanders, marsh wrens, blue herons, and beyond! Bring your camera to photograph all the picturesque wildlife. You’ll also find picnic tables with seats and informative signs along the path for anyone who desires to learn more about Auburn’s Environmental Park and its creatures.

In 2004, the city council passed a motion expressing interest in the Environmental Park Project. Between 1996 and 2014, a number of land purchases resulted in a permanently protected area of 207 acres in size, making it possible to establish the AEP. 

The park is a 120-acre site that lies on 15th Street NW to the north, the Interurban Trail to the east, West Main Street south, and State Route 167 west. A second 120-acre area west of SR 167 that includes part of Mill Creek is also being examined for potential future participation in the park! 

The Auburn Environmental Park is a public park in the city of Auburn, Alabama that brings people and animals together to enjoy the outdoors, learn about nature, and appreciate the beauty of the city’s wetlands. If you’re seeking a way to get out from your busy schedule, go sightseeing or simply relax away from it all, the Auburn Environmental Park is a fantastic location! 

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