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How Wide Can Roller Doors Be?

Did you know roller garage doors are available in nearly any size? Stop by our showroom for us to walk you through your options!

When it comes to new garage doors for commercial spaces, size matters. Having the right new garage door size is essential for any commercial property, as it helps to ensure optimal energy efficiency and security.

With roller doors, businesses can find a wide selection of sizes suitable for their individual needs without settling for anything less than perfect coverage. But how wide can roller doors be, and what exactly are they? We’d love to tell you.

The Roller’s Place Amongst Common Commercial Garage Doors

Roller doors are a great option for commercial garage spaces requiring an efficient, secure, and durable garage door.

Roller doors are made up of insulated or non-insulated metal slats that roll up and down in a track system, typically made from steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. This type of garage door is secure due to the rolling action, which prevents anyone from entering the garage space.

Insulating Your Garage Door Opening

When you’re ready to fill your garage door frame, you can choose between either insulated or non-insulated doors. The main benefits of getting an insulated version include improved thermal efficiency, improved soundproofing, and increased security due to thicker materials used in production.

Insulated versions are also beneficial when looking at energy efficiency ratings, as they help lower energy bills by trapping any existing heat inside the property during colder months and keeping temperatures cooler during summer.

Non-insulated versions offer more aesthetic appeal while still being able to provide basic security features such as anti-lift brackets or lockable handles installed at various heights along the length of the door’s edge for extra security measures if required.

Regardless of whether you choose an insulated or non-insulated version, roller garage doors provide a safe and secure way to keep your commercial space safe from any unwanted guests or damage caused by external elements such as heavy rain, snowfall, or strong winds.

In addition to this, their robust construction means that they last for years without needing significant maintenance other than regular lubrication for smooth operation as opposed to sectional garage doors, more typically found used as residential garage doors.

Another benefit associated with this standard garage door system is its low cost compared to other types available on the market today, making these steel garage doors an affordable choice for those who want quality without breaking their budget.

Getting the Maximum Width Out of a Garage Door Opening

The most common roller garage door size is the standard double garage door. While you might assume that one double door should be directly equivalent to two single garage doors side by side, there is actually a large variety of commercial standard garage door sizes.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

The range of garage door sizes available with roller doors is vast and can be tailored to your garage space’s exact width and height specifications. While the typical residential single-car garage door measures 8 feet tall and 7 feet across, the common garage door sizes for commercial use can be as wide as 30 feet without needing to order custom garage doors.

A Car Garage Door with Minimal Storage Needs

For small commercial garages with openings under 6ft, a roller is a great fit as a new garage door since it requires minimal side room clearance to fit correctly. Garages with an extra large garage door size to accommodate larger vehicles will find that even a wider double garage door will offer the same space-saving benefits.

Upgrading Your Garage Door Opener at the Same Time

Automatic garage door openers are not just for a single car garage – the right team can easily get your business a full fledge system to operate single or separate doors.

Getting the Right Garage Door Size and the Help You Need

In order to get the most out of your garage door investment and ensure it fits correctly, you should contact an experienced garage door specialist for help determining the specific dimensions needed for a custom, double, or single garage door.

In addition to this, they will also be able to advise you on which material would best suit your individual needs based on factors such as security requirements, budget restrictions, thermal efficiency, or visual appeal.

Many manufacturers offer custom-made roller doors in various colors and materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum, that can easily be tailored according to specific needs. This type of customization allows you to match the garage door system with other aspects of your commercial property, such as a storefront design or signage, while fulfilling code requirements, such as a fire-rated garage door.

Overhead Door Company of Puget Sound: Your Garage Door Solution

Overall, roller doors provide immense flexibility when it comes to sizing for commercial garages so businesses can find the perfect fit for their individual needs without having to settle for anything less than perfect coverage.

Whether you need a standard garage door size, an RV garage door equivalent, or one custom-made specifically for your property’s aesthetic look, our team at Overhead Door Company can’t wait to walk you through our wide selection suitable for every budget and requirement.

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