Thermacore® Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated Garage Doors

Style and performance for your garage at an affordable price.

With a Thermacore® insulated steel garage door, you get maximum thermal insulation and reduced air infiltration for your home. These durable garage doors will provide years of reliable operation in all types of climates while providing comfort and beauty to any outdoor space.

Customize your insulated garage door for your climate and style with many options, including R-value, panel type, finish, color, style, windows, glass options, and more. Offering superior energy-efficiency over classic steel garage doors, insulated models are the perfect choice for extreme temperatures and weather.

Hundreds of Insulated Garage Door Options

  • Thermacore® Construction

    Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two layers of corrosion-resistant steel.

  • Thermal Seals

    Superior in-between section thermal seals reduce air infiltration and provides resistance to elements.

  • Durable Finish ​

    Hot-dipped galvanized steel with two coats of baked-on polyester paint.

  • Bulb Weatherseal ​

    Guards against wind and rain while providing a cushion when closing the garage door

Panel Design options

Our garage door panel style’s are perfectly suited to go with all home types and designs. Mix and match these panel styles with finish and color options to build the ideal garage door for you.



Vertical Short



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Finish and Color Options

Always request a color sample for accurate color matching before ordering your garage door. Custom painting options are also available, as well as instructions on how to paint your own door.

Standard Finishes



Desert Tan


Terra Bronze


Hunter Green



textured Wood Grain Finishes

Golden Oak


Mission Oak

Modern Metallic Finishes


Dark Bronze

Black Frost

Design Your Own Door

Explore the wide range garage door designs that are available using our garage door designer app. You can even upload a photo of your house so you can see just how great it’ll look on your own home! 

Our garage door design consultants can also help you with the design process and put together a quote for you. Contact us today!

Glass Windows Options

Clear Glass for Your Garage Door Windows

Clear (Standard)

Obsure Glass Windows are an Elegant Choice for Every Model


Satin Etched

Gray Tint

Green Tint

Bronze Tint

See All The Options​

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Most Frequently Asked Questions about insulated Doors

The R-value is a calculation designed to evaluate the thermal efficiency of a material. The greater the R-value, the more effectively an insulating substance will keep heat out. Insulated garage doors are designed to keep the outside temperature out, saving you time and money. Garage doors with an insulated surface can serve as a barrier against air penetration, preventing cold air from seeping into your home via your garage door. Insulated garage doors come in a variety of styles and colors to suit any decor.

The Overhead Door Company of Puget Sound is a Washington-based firm that creates insulating garage doors for both residential and commercial use with a selection of R-values to fit your needs. Insulated doors are a smart way to save time and money on utility bills.

Overhead Door Company of Puget Sound offers insulated garage door services in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellevue, Everett, and all of Western Washington that far exceed the energy-efficiency of classic steel garage doors. An insulated door will help with temperature regulation, keeping your garage more controlled and energy-efficient. Contact us today to get started on your garage project.

Consider a well-insulated residential garage door if your garage will be exposed to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. The R-value is a calculation that quantifies a material’s thermal efficiency. The R-value of an insulated garage door is typically between 1 and 3, while that of an non-insulated one is generally around 0.9 to 1.4. The higher a door’s R-value, the more effectively it insulates you from the weather.

This R-value is made possible by a continuous layer of foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation or polystyrene insulation sandwiched between two layers of rust and corrosion-resistant steel. These doors also feature between-section seals that provide added resistance to air infiltration, as well as bulb-type bottom seals that guard against wind and rain.

The Overhead Garage Door of Puget Sound also provides a variety of heavy-duty, wind-load doors designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, whether you live in a coastal region or area with unique wind codes and rules. We build custom residential garage doors to meet or exceed any state or county wind-load code for classic steel garage doors. For further information about purchasing a garage door in your region, contact one of our knowledgeable salespeople. Start today!