Courtyard Garage Doors

Courtyard Collection®

The Courtyard Garage Door

Courtyard Collection: Elegant Wood designs with steel durability

  • Insulated Construction

    Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two layers of corrosion-resistant steel with an R-Value of 12.76.

  • Thermal Seals

    Superior in-between section thermal seals reduce air infiltration and provides resistance to elements.

  • Quiet Operation

    Commercial grade track and durable 13-ball bearing rollers provide exceptionally quiet operation, day and night.

  • Weather Resistance

    Wood grain textured trim boards are resistant to dents and the elements.

Classic Carriage House Look

Our Courtyard Collection Garage Doors have the beauty of wood, classic carriage house style, and the durability of steel.

Our Courtyard garage doors are made with an insulated steel construction, fashioned to resemble the elegant wood designs of traditional carriage house doors, and feature a limited lifetime warranty. Each Courtyard garage door of our Courtyard collection has all of that beauty you love about wooden garages, but in a stylish modern package! Choose from our wide selection for windows or hardware options- we’re sure there’s something perfect just waiting on your search string.

Courtyard Collection Garage Doors

Panel Design options

Our Courtyard garage door panel style’s are perfectly suited to go with all home types and designs. Mix and match these panel styles with finish and color options to build the ideal garage door for you.

Courtyard Garage Door Models 7520 & 7560

Horizontal Overlays H1
Horizontal Overlay H2
Horizontal Overlay H
Vertical Overlay C5
A Shaped Overlays A
A Shaped Overlay A2
X shaped Overlay X
Horizontal Overlays H1 - Arched
Horizontal Overlay H2 - Arched
Horizontal Overlay H - Arched
Vertical Overlay C5 - Arched
A Shaped Overlays A - Arched
A Shaped Overlay A2
Horizontal Overlays H

Courtyard Garage Door Models 7560 Only

Vertical Overlays C2
Vertical Overlay C4
Horizontal Overlays H3
Horizontal & Vertical Overlay E2
Horizontal & Vertical Overlays E3
V Shaped Overlay V2
V Shaped Overlay V2
Vertical Overlays C2 - Arched
Vertical Overlay C4 - Arched
Horizontal Overlays H3 - Arched
Horizontal & Vertical Overlay E2 - Arched
Horizontal & Vertical Overlays E3 - Arched
V Shaped Overlay V2 - Arched
V Shaped Overlay V
Diagonal Overlay X2
Vertical Overlay D
Diagonal Overlay C4
V Shaped Overlay V - Arched
Diagonal Overlay C4 - Arched
Diagonal Overlay X2
Custom Designs

Need A Free Estimate?

Our experienced sales and design team can help you find the perfect product and get you pricing your Courtyard garage door project.

Courtyard Garage Door Finish and Color Options

Always request a color sample for accurate color matching before ordering your door. Custom painting options are also available, as well as instructions on how to paint your own door.

Standard Finishes For Courtyard Collection Garage Doors

Desert Tan
Terra Bronze
Hunter Green
Gray (Model 7560)
Sandstone (Model 7560)

Design Your Own Courtyard Garage Door

Explore the wide range Courtyard garage door designs that are available using our garage door designer app. You can even upload a photo of your house so you can see just how great it’ll look on your own home! 

Our garage door design consultants can also help you with the design process and put together a quote for you. Contact us today!

Glass Options for Courtyard Collection Garage Doors

Clear Glass for Your Garage Door Windows
Clear (Standard)
Obsure Glass Windows are an Elegant Choice for Every Model

See All The Options​

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