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What Size Garage Door Do I Need?

There Are Different Garage Door Sizes for Different Types of Residential Garage Doors, Depending on Many Factors.

How many times have you driven by a home with an impressive-looking garage door only to find out that it is the same size as your own? While it may be fun to dream about what type of car might be hidden behind such an appealing garage door, most people do not think about how having a larger or smaller garage door can affect their home.

Today, we will discuss what size garage door you need, and the different styles you can choose from to fit your home.

Choosing the Right Garage Door Sizes

There are many factors that go into choosing a garage door size. If you have an existing garage door that you’re replacing, you’ll probably be more restricted on the size, unless you are willing to demo your rough opening and enlarge or shrink it. If you’re working with a new build, you may have some more flexibility to choose the line height and door width to accommodate your lifestyle.

Take Measurements

If you have a rough opening, the first step to choosing the right garage door size for your home is measuring the existing space. Your garage door should be measured from the top of the interior threshold up to the ceiling, and then down to the center of the floor below. You should also measure, edge to edge on the ground, the width of your rough opening. This will allow you to choose a garage door that will fit nicely in your space without making it difficult or dangerous for someone to enter or leave.

Call a Professional if You Need Garage Door Repair Services, a New Opener, Garage Door Replacement or Installation Services, a New Door, or Multiple Doors.

Consider Your Toys and Trucks

After considering how much room you have available, next consider what type of car you plan on parking in your garage. For those with larger vehicles such as extended-cab pickups, SUVs, minivans, pick-up trucks, or even large cars like sedans, it may be best to choose a size that is at least two inches wider than your vehicle’s width. If you do not have a large vehicle, it is likely best to choose a garage door that is only slightly wider than your vehicle’s width.

Consider Your Climate

Finally, you will need to take your climate into consideration when choosing a size. Those who live in colder climates should choose doors that are quite a bit wider than their vehicles, so they can park plows, snowblowers, ATVs, and snowmobiles in the garage comfortably. If you have a large lawn that needs year-round mowing and maintenance, consider extra width so you can park that new John Deere tractor mower safely in the garage.

If you aren’t sure how much room you need after reading this, don’t worry! Reach out to a garage door expert who is available 24/7, like the Overhead Door Company of Puget Sound. Their experienced professionals will come out and take measurements, assess your lifestyle, and make recommendations that will fit in your home. Not only will they install your new garage door, but they also offer garage door repair services. For a quote on your garage door, contact them today!

Homeowners May Need to Hire a Professional to Assist With Their Garage Door Repair.

Outfitting Your Garage Door With Style

Once you know what size garage door you need, there are dozens of garage door styles, materials, and designs to consider. Each has its own pros and cons when it comes to maintenance costs and durability, so be sure to keep these factors in mind when choosing one of these doors.

Materials Your New Garage Door

Take a look at the many materials used for garage doors. There are steel garage doors, wood, fiberglass, and even aluminum garage doors. Keep in mind that a natural wood garage door is a great choice if you want a look that compliments your home’s exterior, but a wood garage door will need to be maintained fairly regularly. Steel garage doors are the most durable and can handle heavy use, yet they tend to be noisy when being used. Fiberglass and aluminum doors offer plenty of strength without much noise or weight.

Energy Efficiency

Next, consider how much energy you want your garage door to retain. Residential garage doors that use insulated glass work well in colder climates, but will cost more than un-insulated glass styles because they require additional parts and pieces. If you live in an area where it is mostly warm throughout the year but does become chilly in the winter months, the insulated glass may not be necessary for you.

Professionals Operate Under Industry Safety Guidelines During Installation or Repairs.

Garage Door Aesthetics

Also, take into consideration what color and style of garage door you would like. There are dozens of options when it comes to color and design, so keep in mind what the rest of your home looks like when making a decision.

Garage doors face outward toward the entire rest of the neighborhood. So, to find the garage door and increase your home’s curb appeal, shop around for a bit. You’ll easily be able to find the perfect fit for your style.

A Square Peg Will Never Fit in a Round Hole

Measuring to size and choosing the right materials and style for your perfect garage door can be an overwhelming task. Remember to keep the size and number of your vehicles in mind, along with the aesthetic of your home, and the climate of your area. If you consider all of these factors, you’ll be so much closer to finding the best garage door for your home’s design.

If you’re not feeling up to the task, or if you just need a little assistance, reach out to a reputable company like Overhead Door Company in the Puget Sound area and greater Puyallup area to make the process smooth and painless. Visit their website today to inquire about their services or get a quote!

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