Most Common Garage Door Repair Concerns

Most Common Garage Door Repair Concerns

Garage doors can be expensive and can often be challenging to use. Garage door repair can be necessary if homeowners neglect their doors and let them fall apart or if they have suffered physical damage from some outside force, such as severe weather. If they are left unrepaired, they can pose a safety and security risk, as they can collapse. Fortunately, garage door repair is possible with Overhead Door Company of Puget Sound.

Most Common Concern – Springs

Springs on garage door openers are under a lot of tension when the door is closed, as they have to travel up and over rails. The springs wear out over time and need replacing every few years depending upon how often you use your opener or if it has been installed correctly by professionals. For instance, extension-style springs last longer than torsion ones because there isn’t much force being applied at any given moment.

Door openers that use torsion springs and those that use extension springs can be repaired relatively easily. It is easy to operate a torsion spring door opener even if you do not have any prior experience with them.  

Garage door openers that utilize extension springs are a bit more complex and more challenging to repair. To start, pull up on the bottom panel just enough so the door will open fully. Release the door and wait for it to fall back to its original open position. You will hear a click as the door rises to its final position.

One issue commonly arising from garage door repair is when the springs are installed incorrectly, requiring replacement. On the other hand, if you have the springs replaced, but the door still doesn’t open correctly, it could be due to other issues, including the need for a complete garage door replacement

How The Springs Work

Garage door openers are designed to open and close the door by tensioning a spring. There must be constant tension to do this, which means that the door will continue to open until something stops it. 

Usually, the springs are self-adjusting, but in some cases, the springs can become compromised. If the door itself is in a dangerous position, such as off the ground, it won’t be able to close, and it may potentially fall on top of whoever is inside. 

In addition, if the door itself is improperly balanced, or someone fails to release the door with the right amount of force, the garage door may become severely damaged.

As mentioned previously, garage door repair is only recommended for minor problems. A garage specialist can replace the springs, replace all the parts, or perhaps even replace the whole door. These options are much cheaper than replacing the door from scratch. 

Overhead Door Solution

Do you need a new garage door? Or perhaps a garage door repair? 

We’re an overhead door company, and we can help you find the perfect garage door for your home. Our doors are made from high-quality materials, so they’ll stand up to wear and tear over time. Plus, our team of experts will install your new garage door in no time at all!

We can also provide repair options such as broken springs, broken cables, broken or bent rollers, replacement of sections or panels, and noisy door silencing. Additionally, we offer annual maintenance options. 

You won’t have to worry about how much it costs or even getting the job done because we offer free estimates on every project. We also provide same-day service, so there is never any waiting around for us to come out and fix things. And with our lifetime warranty on labor, you know that once we do finish installing your new garage door, it will be taken care of properly by people who know what they’re doing!

Overhead Door Company is the largest garage door repair company in Puget Sound. We are a family-owned business that has been serving our community for over 50 years. You cannot find a better value than OHD Puget Sound Garage Door Repair & Installation! 

By choosing to work with us, you will receive professional service from an experienced team at all times. We have built our reputation to provide exceptional customer service and ensure satisfaction for every client in Washington State!

Contact us right now and request a free estimate from OHD Puget Sound today!

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