5 Issues Where You Need Professional Garage Door Services

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Having a garage door can be extremely convenient. You gain that protection for your car every time you park and close the doors, and you can easily open them with a flip of the switch when it’s time to leave home.

However, garage door problems can occur during the year, especially when they aren’t tended to properly. Instead of being a great source of satisfaction, it becomes nothing short of frustrating.

Call up professional garage door services that can save you the hassle. Here are certain issues that they can help you with:

When the Keypad Is Faulty

Not everyone’s garage features a keypad, but those that do may experience issues with it. If a battery replacement doesn’t fix things, leave it to the repair professional. Whether it’s reprogramming or a replacement, your garage door’s keypad should be functioning as good as new afterward.

When the Garage Door Won’t Budge

The garage door’s mechanism is made to open and close when you signal it to. Lifting and shutting the door should be a smooth motion, but there may be times when there’s just no response. Even with the motor running, your garage door won’t make a single move.

There is a possibility that the motor is having issues,that it isn’t connected properly to the garage door, or perhaps the . It could be that your garage door is also a bit rusty too. Allow a professional to assess and diagnose the problem for you before fixing the garage door.

When Your Opener Switch Malfunctions

Sometimes, the garage door and the motor are working fine, and the only thing that isn’t functioning is the opener switch. It’d be advisable to check if you’ve disabled the lock switch already before trying again.

If the opener switch refuses to send a signal even without a lock switch, it’s best to call up a professional. They may have to look at the opener switch’s button themselves or the circuitry that connects the whole system together for any issues.

When the Garage Door Is Noisy

Modern day garage doors should product very little noise when opening and closing. If your door starts to audibly squeak and rattle when the metals rollers start moving, your door needs service.

A professional should be able to identify which parts of the garage door are responsible for the noise and in need of assistance. If it’s the rolling mechanism itself, they’ll apply some lubrication to ease away the sound.

When the Garage Door Isn’t Running Smoothly

Even if the garage door is moving normally and without noise, you may start to notice issues with how smoothly its running. Jagged movement and having the garage door open and close unevenly is not a good sign.

The cause of this type of issue will be harder to pinpoint because so many underlying problems can contribute to it. Perhaps there is a damaged roller, the cable is caught,, or the garage door’s spring system isn’t working properly.


Garage door issues can be a pain to deal with at just about any time of the day. Relieve yourself from that annoyance by calling up a professional garage door service who can check and fix the problem for you in a jiffy.

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